Admiral Title, LLC


Your most burning questions, answered.

Q: Why should I chose to do business with Admiral Title, LLC and not someone else, if title insurance rates are set by the Texas Department of Insurance?
A: Our customer service sets us apart from other title companies in the area. Admiral Title, LLC’s mission is to make you happy on your real estate transactions, and this includes going the extra mile to be sure your transaction is smooth and easy for everyone involved. We have years of experience and have great Underwriters to work with, which translates to exceptional service and knowledgeable staff.

Q: Do you represent more than one title insurance underwriter?
A: Yes! We have more than one title insurance underwriter because each underwriter has a different risk tolerance, where one may not accept  a specific risk, another may accept it. Our positive relationship with our underwriters allows us to speak with them directly on issues in title and receive guidance on curative when needed.

Q: Who are your underwriters?
A: North American Title Insurance Company and First National Title Insurance Company. Both are great companies to work with and we appreciate them both!

Q: Is Title Insurance required?
A: Not always. Is it always recommended? YES! If you are refinancing or getting a loan of any kind and using real estate as collateral, your lender will normally require a title insurance policy for themselves. An Owner’s Title Policy is not required, however, it is highly recommended! We want you to be covered and we are experts in getting you there. Title Insurance is a one-time payment and gives you continuous coverage for as long as you own the property. We request that everyone purchasing property get an Owner’s Title Policy.

Q: Are there any discounts I can get?
A: In certain situations, yes! In a “normal” sale/purchase transaction, there are normally no discounts allowed by the Texas Department of Insurance. In a refinance or construction loan, however, there are some exceptions. Give us a call to find out what you could save on your refinance or construction loan!

Q: How fast can we close?
A: Cash files can close as soon as you are ready, provided there are no title issues. Loan files take a bit longer and depends on your lender and again, any title issues. Normally, we see loan files close within 30-45 days.